Single resource monitoring

Sentry-go Plus! is our "plug & play" monitor, allowing you to take control of your monitoring from the ground up and monitoriung individual types of resource. Simply choose the monitoring you wish to perform on your server to tailor the monitor accordingly.

Whether you're looking to expand a Quick Monitor, or implement a customised monitoring solution, Sentry-go Plus! provides total flexibility. As your server's roles change, so can the monitor - by moving or adding new components as needed. Clean, fast, efficient and built on the success and pedigree of our Quick Monitor range, Sentry-go Plus! is an ideal solution for small or large businesses alike.

Introducing Sentry-go Plus! monitoring

Monitoring components

Sentry-go Plus! provides a monitoring framework into which you plug in the monitoring components you wish to use. Alerting, auto-response and web reporting are built in and all components are compatible with Sentry-go Enterprise Reporting.

  • Heartbeat monitoring
  • Heartbeat status
    Automatically ensure all your monitors are running & responding as expected and no connectivity issues exist.
  • Network monitoring
  • Network Status
    Check the accessibility of servers & TCP/IP devices across the network.
  • Performance monitoring
  • System Performance
    Monitor software & hardware performance, measuring against known thresholds, spotting trends and resource limitations.
  • Windows service monitoring
  • Windows Services
    Check the status of important Windows services to ensure they are running. Alert or restart them automatically if they fail.
  • Windows process monitoring
  • Windows Processes
    Ensure key processes are running on your server; ensure unwanted programs are not.
  • File, directory & folder monitoring
  • Files & Directories
    Automatically monitor your file system, file counts & sizes, changes to directories and files, file & folder access.
  • FTP availability monitoring
  • FTP Availability
    Ensure access is available to key sites, files can be sent to and copied from the server 24 x 7 using FTP.
  • Firewall & port monitoring
  • Firewall & TCP/IP Ports
    Check that the Windows Firewall is enabled & TCP/IP connectivity is available to key network & internet services on the local server.
  • FTP availability monitoring
  • E-mail Send & Receive.
    Automatically check that e-mails can be sent from and received by your organisation using SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4, day or night.
  • FTP availability monitoring
  • Database Access & Query
    Periodically check that key database connections can be established, run SQL queries and optionally check their result etc.
  • FTP availability monitoring
  • SQL Server Locking
    Ensure SQL Server locking (blocking) is kept to a minimum, record problem queries, optionally terminating problem connections etc.
  • Custom script monitoring
  • Custom Script Monitoring
    For the ultimate in flexibility, plug in your own custom monitoring (scripts, commands, 3rd party utilities etc.) & have Sentry-go manage, run & analyse the results!


Alerting & web reporting

Although Sentry-go is an automated solution, there will be times when you wish to access the monitoring information it provides. With Sentry-go Plus! these features are also built in!

  • Alerting features
  • Alerting features
    To notify you of failures, or responses taken by the monitor, Sentry-go can notify you in a number of different ways to meet your needs and time of day etc. 
  • Automatic responses
  • Automatic response features
    For common faults, auto-responses can be used to immediately handle the urgency of the situation. For example you could automatically delete temporary files if disk space becomes tight, restart a failed service, terminate a blocking SQL connection etc.
  • Alerting features
  • Web reporting features
    Sentry-go Plus! comes with a built-in web server, allowing access to monitoring information, alerts & other reports direct to your desktop browser from the monitor itself.