Database connection & availability monitoring

Database access & query monitoring

In more recent years, databases such as SQL Server have grown to form the backbone of many systems, holding literally 100s of 1000s of gigabytes of information. Windows applications typically use ODBC, OLE/DB or native connections behind the scenes to access their data. Ensuring database access is available is therefore crucial to the successful monitoring of these systems, both for end users as well as background applications. 

Be alerted of issues ASAP

Although a SQL Server, or other databases may appear to be running fine - i.e. the service is running, the ultimate way of checking connectivity is to attempt a connection yourself using the same or a similar method to your clients.

Sentry-go's database connection & availability monitoring allows you to test these connections periodically, thus ensuring a client application would also succeed. Once connected, SQL queries can also be run, to ensure data activity is also working or returning results as expected.


  • Verify connections are being accepted by the database
  • Ensure SQL queries can be run against the database (with integral rollback)
  • Ensure SQL SELECT statements return the expected results, or row count
  • Alert if connectivity and/or results incorrect
  • Works with any ODBC-compliant database such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 etc.



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