Web reporting features

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Knowledge is key - and just because no alerts are being triggered, doesn't mean you want to be kept in the dark. With Sentry-go's built-in web server, information is just a few clicks away. Simply access the monitor's home page from your web and you've got access to all relevant information, direct to your desktop.

Standard reports can also be published to an external web server, thus allowing details to be viewed outside a firewall, for example. They are available in desktop & mobile format.

Example reports

MoreCurrent status

The current status shows you the latest monitored values recorded for the monitor.

The current status of monitoring checks is shown at a glance here


MoreRecent alerts

The recent alerts/error report lists all recent events triggering an alert from the server.

Recent alerts triggered from the server can be accessed here

MorePerformance monitoring

With performance information, trends can easily be spotted over time.

Performance data can be monitored over time & visually accessed for easy trend analysis


MoreService monitoring

When monitoring Windows services, they can be controlled remotely via the web.

Listing & controlling installed services from the web report

MoreSQL Server activity

When monitoring SQL Server locking, current database activity can be viewed on-line.

View current SQL Server activity, queries and even terminate them if required

MoreWho's accessing files & folders ?

When monitoring files & folders, access details can be recorded and viewed through the web.

When monitoring file access, information can be shown on-line. You can also drill down further, find out more about files or limit results for additional querying

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