Network monitoring

Network monitoring

Whether you manage a handful of servers on a small network in the same building, or 100s spread across multiple sites, knowing they're working, responding and available over the network is a key function for any System Administrators, network or support personnel.  

Traditionally, checks such as these were performed manually - more often than not, after one or more users report errors to the helpdesk, but by then mission critical systems could already be affected, as could your business!

Sentry-go networking monitoring allows you to monitor the accessibility of any TCP/IP network device, such as domain servers, network PCs, connected wireless devices, or anything "pingable", quickly & easily.


  • Monitor connectivity to network devices
  • Automatic & manual configuration
  • Alert when remote monitor cannot be contacted
  • Periorically auto-scan for new servers 
  • Periorically auto-scan for new desktops



  • See Sentry-go for yourself
  • See Sentry-go in action for yourself
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