Event log & log file monitoring

Windows event log monitoring

On Windows server machines, Event logs are the central logging mechanism for the Operating System as well as many of the applications and services that run on it. This approach is ideally suited to machines where no one is directly logged on (and therefore cannot respond to standard message-box alerts).

Alongside these are standard logs - text files used by other applications. IIS, which records HTTP errors to it's own log file & SQL Server both use standard log files in addition to event logs, as do other 3rd party or in-house systems.

Quick & easy setup

Potentially a great source of information, these files often have the drawback of being local to the server. Great if you happen to be logged on or are investigating a fault that's already occurred, but not so good for spotting issues that you could prevent in advance.

With Sentry-go event log & log file monitoring, these drawbacks are removed. The monitor scans them locally, then reports them centrally to you. Ideal not only for spotting potential issues, but also for highlighting trends across multiple servers.


  • Continually monitor Windows event logs based on event, source, message type or keywords & phrases
  • Continually monitor records written to text-based log files for entries containing keywords/phrases
  • Report or log messages as they're wrriten
  • Optionally map out unwanted "noise" messages based on keywords or phrases



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