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  • Quick Monitors : v6.55
  • Sentry-go Plus! : v6.55
  • Sentry-go Enterprise Reporting : v2.0

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Recent software updates

The following changes have recently been made to our Sentry-go product range.

  • September'17
    3Ds (UK) Limited, the company behind Sentry-go is now the IT team of Care101 Ltd. It continues to provide existing and new customers with independent IT solutions and support, and continues to actively support the Sentry-go family of monitoring solutions.
    The same people you spoke to at 3Ds are now at Care101!
  • February '16 (v6.55)
    Performance: From v6.42 to 6.5x, a number of performance improvements have been added to both monitoring and web-based components.
    Fix: Under some circumstances, the integrated web server could fail when a larger URL was specified, even when the target page was invalid. This has now been corrected.
  • April '14 (v6.41)
    Fix: Disabling summary e-mails in the configuration still caused summary details to be sent by the server. This has been corrected in this monitoring service update.
  • January '14 (v6.4)
    New: Log files can now be scanned in their entirety at startup or when the file is truncated.
    New: Unicode log files are now supported by the log monitor.
    New: Direct support for SMS/text messaging via a connected GSM/USB modem is now provided.
    New: File monitoring checks can now be configured to only alert after X successive errors have been encountered.
    New: When scheduling a check, the monitor can be configured to only run the specified logic within a given time window.
    New: The Setup Wizard now installs the monitoring service as a "delayed start" system.
  • May '13 (v6.36)
    Fix: File monitoring In earlier v6.3 versions, selecting an override time (minutes/seconds) could prevent the associated check from being run as expected, or cause it not to be run at all. This error has been corrected in this release.
    Fix: E-mail send/receive verification monitoring In previous versions, performance could be slow if the target mailbox contains larger numbers of messages. In v6.36, the monitor takes into account the message size, prior to checking the content.
  • December '12 (v6.34 & v6.35)
    Fix: Configuring e-mail verification & alerting Auto-detect option reports inability to access any SMTP server/option even though "Test" indicates that access is available. The auto-detect feature failed to pass all values and so some options were reported as being unavailable, even though access could be achieved from the monitoring server. This has been corrected in the Configuration Utility & Server, v6.35.
  • October '12 (v6.33)
    Fix: Configuring Event Logs & Log Files When using individual alerts, the configuration window would fail to save enabled alerts for the above checks. This has been corrected in v6.33. Group-based alerting is not affected.
  • September '12 (v6.32)
    Fix: Quick Monitor & individual component licencing In some cases, a valid licence key was interpreted for the wrong monitoring component. This has now been corrected.
    Enhancement: File monitoring File monitoring alerts additionally contain the path of the file (for folders & sub-directories) that triggered the alert.
  • June '12 (v6.3)
    New: Sentry-go Runtime Installer To ensure the runtime files required by Sentry-go are installed, the Setup Wizard now includes a runtime installer. This is automatically initiated the first time the Setup Wizard is run. The required Visual C++ Runtime files (VCRT) are also installed if not found on the target server.
    New: Direct alerting In previous versions, all alerts were assinged an "alert group" which determined when they would be triggered. In version 6.3 and above, you can now choose between group alerts (as used previously) and direct alerts - which allow you to specify which individual alerts are triggered per check. From v6.3 onwards, direct alerting is the default method configured by the Setup Wizard.
    Fix: Heartbeat licencing In some installations, an incorrect configuration key was created causing heartbeat monitoring to remain disabled, even though licenced & configured. Fix: Firewall monitoring If port monitoring is disabled, firewall monitoring also remains inactive, even though configured. This has been resolved.
    Fix: Service monitoring In v6.2, if the server is unable to restart a service, alert notification may not be sent. This is corrected in v6.3.
    Fix: E-mail send/receive monitoring When accessing Microsoft Exchange 2010, the e-mail send/receive monitor may appear to hang. Upon timeout, it triggers an alert indicating e-mails cannot be received, even though they appear to be working correctly. This was caused by a formatting issue in the e-mail message received from Exchange 2010 and has been corrected in this version.
  • April '12 (v6.2)
    New: Heartbeat monitoring In version 6.2 and above, all monitors now come with heartbeat monitoring built-in, free of charge. Heartbeat monitoring allows monitors to actively ensure other Sentry-go monitos are (i) running and (ii) responding as expected. Any failures can be alerted, just like any other monitoring check.
    New: Mobile Web Reports New "mobile" versions of the "Current Status", "Recent Errors" & "System Summary" can be accessed using the integrated web server, for improved access from mobile phones & tablet PCs. You can also toggle these between the full & mobile versions of the reports.
    Enhancement: Current Status Web Report It is now possible to re-run monitoring checks directly from the "current status" web report, in order to see the latest value returned.
    Enhancement: E-mail alerting & e-mail send/receive monitor In version 6.2 and above, the configuration now contains an "auto-detect" feature, which enable the monitor to determine which of the SMTP e-mail options can and should be used.
    Enhancement: Setup Wizard The Setup Wizard now checks for VC9 runtime libraries (CRT) for both standard and shareware installations.
    Fix: Alerting When an e-mail alert is verified from the configuration utility, and the sender's address references an environment variable, (.g. %COMPUTERNAME%), the environment setting is now correctly sent & translated.