SQL Server lock monitoring

SQL Server lock monitoring

Windows applications often use SQL Server as their database of choice, a relational database like many others, holding its data in a series of tables, with indexes & keys helping to provide fast, efficient access. To help maintain secure & concurrent access, SQL Server employs a complex locking mechanism.  

Whilst this is extremely efficient at protecting data and ensuring changes are applied in the correct sequence etc., it can mean that one user or process can easily prevent another from continuing simply because it has locked a resource the other one needs. In well designed, efficient database systems, locking problems should be kept to a minimum. Inevitably, some contention problems will occur from time to time but they should be so quick that the end user wouldn't notice.

However, in less well designed, overstretched or poorly performing systems blocking can become a crucial factor, in terms of speed & data delivery for all connected users. Locking errors can also cause other secondary errors, such as the transaction log file to grow excessively and even fill up, so it is extremely important to detect issues early, before any problem in this area gets out of hand.  

SQL Server blocking

Sentry-go's SQL Server lock monitoring keeps a check on the database's locking system and reacts or reports when issues between processes arise.


  • Continually monitor the status of the SQL Server locking system 
  • Check for "blocked" locks that last for a configured amount of time
  • Record details of blocked connections & the associated SQL queries for later analysis by the DBA
  • Optionally resolve blocking errors if they arise by terminating the blocking or blocked connection 
  • Help detect & resolve poor database or index design
  • Help resolve poor performing SQL statements
  • Provide real-time database activity & monitoring via the web




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