Custom script monitoring

Custom script monitoring

There are many different software environments & systems around today, all doing specific jobs and many extremely important to the day to day running of a business or institution. A lot of the time, these can be continually monitored using out of the box features we've added to Sentry-go. Simply configure and off you go!

However, no matter how flexible a solution might be, we realise that even these features may, at times not go far enough. Maybe for your environment they need to be tweaked ? Or maybe you have in-house or custom systems that are checked in a different way - e.g. through a command-line tool or interface ?

Respond automatically to monitored errors

One traditional way of monitoring these is either manually, or through the use of command or scripted solutions and using Sentry-go custom script monitoring, you can now automated these too. Simply define your script, tell Sentry-go how to interpret the results and let it do the rest!

Sample monitoring scripts are also available to download.


  • Run & monitor one or more commands
  • Run & monitor batch files or scripts
  • Automatically verify results once completed, based on definition of success or failure
  • Check numeric return code
  • Verify output based on keywords
  • Respond with automatic response or alert
When run, alerts will be triggered as defined in the event the script fails, or the result indicates an error. You can also inspect the job for more details (details of the call, result codes & output) through your web browser, as shown here.



  • See Sentry-go for yourself
  • See Sentry-go in action for yourself
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