Client access from Windows & the web

Sentry-go Quick Monitors and Sentry-go Plus! both come with dedicated client tools. These can be run on your Windows desktop and work alongside other web-based access.

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Client tools for Windows

The Easy Access Utility provides a quick & easy way of accessing all primary features of Sentry-go Quick Monitors, locally or remotely.

Sentry-go Quick Monitor East Access utility

More Sentry-go Quick Monitor Access utility

The Client Console allows real-time status & alerting information to be shown from all registered monitored within your environment.

Sentry-go Client Console, for real-time access & display   

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Configuring a Sentry-go monitor is easy and can be performed either locally or remotely. From within one of the above tools, simply select the monitor & click "Configure". Settings are laid out in a logical format and split into individual monitoring & alerting areas. New checks can be created, existing ones edited or removed, and monitoring values can all be tested from here.  


Access via the web

The built-in web server provides access to monitoring information directly from your web browser. Reports can either be accessed vi client tools, or by entering the appropriate URL to display the monitor's "home page". All other reports are then available from there.


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