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Thank you for your interest in Sentry-go! If you are an existing customer, you can download the latest versions of your software here. If you are new to Sentry-go and would like to see what it can do top help you and your organisation, you are also welcome to download a free trial.

Evaluations are fully functional products which can be installed in minutes. Simply download the application you wish to try and you'll receive a free 21 day evaluation which can be used during the installation. It really is that simple!

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Please ensure the entered e-mail address is correct & you have access to it. Your licence key will be sent to this address and is required as part of the installation. Licences will be sent from; please ensure your SPAM filters are set to allow e-mails from this address.

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Download Sentry-go Quick Monitors

To download a server monitor, please select the monitor from the list below, then click Download Quick Monitor ...



Download Sentry-go Plus!

To download one or more single resource monitoring components, click the button below. Your licence key will determine the functions available (evaluation licences allow the use of all resource monitoring components, so you can enable the ones you wish to see).


Download monitoring documentation

Sentry-go monitors can be downloaded with or without off line documentation. To download product documentation separately, please click the button below ...


Download runtime files

Sentry-go requires the Windows VC++ redistributable files to be installed. If you are running an older version of Windows, please download & install the VC9.CRT runtime files.

Download required runtime files here


Download Sentry-go Quick Monitors

If you're an existing customer currently running one or more older versions of our software (v4.x or v5.x), you can download the latest version of your original download (e.g. to re-install on another server) using the link below. Please be aware that these versions may no longer be supported.

Download older versions now

More information

All Sentry-go software is downloadable in ZIP format. Where applicable, a free 21 day evaluation licence will be e-mailed to you as part of your download.

Once downloaded, expand the files to a temporary location on the target machine and either run the Setup Wizard (Setup.exe) or locate the ReadMe.txt file for further instructions.

Getting Started with Sentry-go monitoring

Installing & Upgrading Sentry-go

Sentry-go Installation Types & Examples

Sentry-go product documentation

When evaluating Sentry-go Plus! all monitoring components are activated with the trial licence. However, when  choosing the full product, you only need to purchase the monitoring components you wish to use.