Sentry-go: a brief history

History of Sentry-go

Since its launch back in 2001, Sentry-go monitoring solutions have always had the same aim - to provide customers with affordable monitoring software for the Windows platform that is, above all, quick & easy to use & doesn't require a team of people to look after it.


In the beginning

Sentry-go was originally designed as one of the first desktop monitoring solutions for Windows (Windows 3.x & 95 as it was then!) A server-based monitor was soon added and this solution developed into a number of smaller “Quick Monitors” a year later. Built to be quick & easy to use, these low cost solutions allowed smaller organisations to monitor their environments, or parts of their environments at a very low cost, all without needing to employ a team of people to maintain it.


"Plug & play" monitoring

Sentry-go Plus!, a component-based, plug & play solution, built on the success of these Quick Monitors. Designed to be just as easy to use, Sentry-go Plus! had the advantage of being extremely flexible by allowing the customer to purchase only the monitoring options they were going to use. It also allowed a single tailored monitor to be run on each server, rather than needing multiple Quick Monitor services to be installed.
In version 5.x, the technology found in the Quick Monitors and Sentry-go Plus! came together to form what we call the Sentry-go Monitoring System. With this version, new & improved monitoring capabilities were added as were changes to the underlying client tools. In came the new Console Browser, additional reporting as well many more options to help the Administrator configure & maintain the system overall.



Sentry-go monitoring today

Today the technology - now at version 6, continues to be enhanced and shared across the Sentry-go range of monitoring solutions. The aim remains the same as it’s always been – to provide low cost, fully featured monitoring solutions that are quick and easy to use.      

Quick Monitors

Sentry-go Quick Monitors

Quick Monitors continue to provide Sentry-go monitoring functionality as a pre-configured group of components, designed to monitor standard environments such as SQL Servers, print servers, IIS or a generic Windows application server. It's Access utility provides a quick & easy way of controlling & configuring the monitor's primary functions and an ideal way of getting up and running quickly. It also works seamlessly with an updated Client Console,which continues to provide real-time access to monitors across your enterprise, locally or remotely.    

Sentry-go Plus!

Sentry-go Plus! Monitors

Likewise, Sentry-go Plus! continues to provide the ability to build a solution that meets the needs of your individual servers. By using components - either individually or together, you can get the ultimate customised monitoring solution. With Sentry-go Plus!, the software provides the management framework, alerting and web reporting for free. All you need to do is add the monitoring components you wish to use!