Custom solutions

Custom Solutions by 3Ds (UK) Limited

3Ds (UK) is the IT team of Care101 Ltd. It also operates as a software house and consultancy. We help our clients in a number of ways, from dedicated and remote support to project work, bespoke solutions, upgrades and software integration. From a simple macro or database procedures, through complete GUI or service designs based around single or multi-tier architectures to mobile & web-based developments, we have the skills to help you, wherever you may be located.

Bespoke monitoring

Sentry-go Plus! is designed to allow a high degree of tailoring, both to the types of monitoring you wish to perform and within the checks themselves. If this isn't enough, its custom script component allows you to define your own monitoring logic and simply plug it in!


Script development

If you're looking to develop one or more monitoring scripts but don't have the time or skills to create your own, help is at hand. First check out our downloadable files & scripts which contain a number of example monitoring, alerting & response scripts for you to use.

If you need to go further, we can tailor the appropriate logic specifically for you - at a cost much cheaper than you might expect. To request a no-obligation quotation, simply e-mail your requirments to and we will be happy to discuss the options available etc.


Your development team

Beyond scripts and even beyond monitoring, we help our clients worldwide realise their strategic requirements from design, development and ultimately delivery. Whether you're looking for some help for your own staff, don't have any IT skills in house yet need a solution that's right for you, we can help. We've been doing just that since 1998!

More information is available on our web site - Alternatively, contact us today to see how we can help make your IT work for you, in a way you'd want it to.

3Ds (UK) Limited

3Ds (UK) - the IT team of Care101 Ltd
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