System performance monitoring

System performance monitoring

Since Windows NT, performance information has been made available using "performance counters". Although often overlooked, these counters provide a wealth of information that show you how the system is performing. By monitoring the values returned from these counters, you can ...

  • Check that values don't continaully exceed a given threshold (e.g. CPU usage)
  • Check that the server is not overloaded
  • Be warned early when limits are being reached
  • See when resources are approaching their maximum or minimum limits
Alerting - quick & simple!

Sentry-go performance monitoring uses these counters to continually check values against your predefined thresholds. If issues arise - or issues continually arise (e.g. if CPU is continually higher than expected), you can be notified in order to take the appropriate action.


  • Verify software & hardware performance against given thresholds
  • Monitor pre-configured values, or any available counter on the monitored server
  • Check for continual failures over time
  • Take automatic action, or alert if thresholds are exceeded, or not being met
  • Log performance data for later analysis, or exporting to 3rd party applications
  • The built-in Performance Optimiser allows you to record max. & min. threshold values over longer periods of time
  • Using this information you can highlight the lowest & highest values recorded against current monitoring threshold.
  • See if the server is overloaded or reaching capacity
  • Set baseline figures for your server


With the "role" wizard, you can quickly & easily configure performance monitoring based on the tasks typically performed by the server.



  • See Sentry-go for yourself
  • See Sentry-go in action for yourself
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