Windows firewall & TCP/IP port monitoring

TCP/IP port & firewall monitoring

Any IP device that accepts input from the network will listen for connections on one or more "ports". For example, web servers typically listen on port 80  or 443 for secure connections. Even if the underlying application or service is running, a failure within the network or TCP/IP stack on the server can prevent the system from listening for inbound connections. Also, if 2 applications try to use the same listen port, only the first will function correctly.

Spot problems early

At the same time, protecting your server from an outside attack is equally important and this is typically implemented by means of a firewall controlling accessibility and the flow of data based on port number, connecting application etc. For this to work, the firewall is critical and must be enabled - and continue to be enabled at all times.   

The Sentry-go firewall & TCP/IP port monitor combines the monitoring of these two functions both easily and effectively.


  • Automatically monitor the status of the Windows firewall
  • Notify the administrators if the firewall is disabled
  • Automatically re-enable the firewall if disabled
  • Automatically reboot the server if the firewall is disabled
  • Monitor "well known" listen ports such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP etc.
  • Monitor other custom ports - e.g. ports used by your own applications
  • Optionally initiate a network conversation to verify the listener is as expected



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