How Sentry-go can help you

How Sentry-go can help

Whether you've got a single server you wish to keep an eye on, or an entire data centre hosting customer data and systems, you can rely on Sentry-go to ensure things are working as you expect. If they're not, let the monitor handle known tasks automatically or inform you ASAP so you can investigate long before others are even aware there's a problem!

Helping small to medium size enterprises For SMEs

For those who don't have large, or any specific IT resources, Sentry-go's easy-to-use automated solutions provides an ideal way to keep on top of the job. By allowing you to concentrate on your own job, you can be safe in the knowledge that if a problem does arise, it will either be handled for you automatically, or you'll be notified at the earliest opportunity.  

Server monitors provide a pre-configured, "out of the box" solution for specific environments as well as targeted monitoring to get you up and running quickly. Direct access to the Sentry-go Solutions web site help you when faults do arise by allowing you to search the web to find out more information, advice and ultimately solutions fast!

Helping larger organisations and datacentres  Larger organisations

Worried about scalability ? Don't be.

Unlike some systems which work great on a couple of machines but less well when pushed, Sentry-go also scales well across your enterprise, without compromising on network performance.

Single resource monitors provide "plug and play" monitoring - the ability to configure and move components to not only provide coverage today, but also tomorrow. As your server roles change, so can your monitoring solution. The Client Console provides an easy to use, real-time display & configuration while alert information direct to your web browser, giving you an "enterprise view" of the entire monitored environment.


Targeted monitoring Targeted monitoring

Got a monitoring solution already but need some extra help for specific tasks ? No problem, with Sentry-go you can purchase only the individual elements that are right for you.

Whether you run it on its own or alongside your existing solution, you'll still benefit from all the standard features we've made quick & easy to use!

Examples include ...

Helping provide remote support solutuions  Remote operations & outsourcing   

Many organisations perform support remotely, either themselves or through a 3rd party. Or maybe you're an outsourcing company and wish to remotely monitor your client sites ? These environments bring with them a number of different challenges, challenges which we've targeted specifically within Sentry-go, including ...

  • Local "on-premises" monitoring vastly reduces network overhead.
  • Automatic responses allow the system to respond to known faults even though you're not on-site.
  • SMS & e-mail alerting allows information on issues to be sent from remote sites.
  • Provide custom monitoring.
  • Dial-up support can be used when needed.
  • Publish web reports to an external server.