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Monitoring and Alerting

Originally launched in 2001, Sentry-go® is a range of monitoring & alerting solutions for the Microsoft server platform, used by customers worldwide as an extremely cost effective way of ensuring their systems are functioning correctly. Now at version 6, the primary goals today remain the same - low cost, easy to use, network efficient monitoring.

Whether you're looking to check very specific tasks - maybe working alongside an existing solution, or provide more general monitoring of system & server health, our automation can do the same for you, enabling you to monitor and alert 24-hours a day, 365 days a year!

  • Sentry-go Quick Monitors
    Server monitoring
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  • Sentry-go Plus! Monitoring
    Single resource monitoring
    - Sentry-go Plus!
  • Sentry-go Solutions
    Find answers to
    monitored alerts

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