Free Sentry-go product evaluations

Will it do what I want ?
Will it work on my servers ?
Is it easy to use ?
Is it quick to install ?

See for yourself ...
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You've read about it, maybe seen it in action in a video, but what's Sentry-go really like and how might it fit into your own environment ?

We realise that purchasing any software, whatever the financial cost, is not necessarily a decision that can be taken lightly. There are often many other questions to answer.

To find out, why not run a no obligation, fully supported evaluation, free for 21 days ? By trying before you buy, you not only get to see easy the software is to use, but you can also see how it will perform in your own environment!

 Evaluating Sentry-go

Evaluating any Sentry-go product is easy. Just follow these steps ...

Select the best solution for you



Browse our solutions on-line to see which option will meets your needs. If you're not sure or have any questions, just ask


Download an evaluation copy


Download the evaluation from our web site. As part of this download, you will receive an evaluation licence which can be used during Setup. The Setup Wizard will guide you through the installation, just as with the full product. For Sentry-go Plus!, evaluation licences enable all monitoring options, allowing you to choose which you wish to try.


Install & run
the evaluation


Once installed, simply configure the software to do what you wish it to do. If you have any questions before or during your evaluation or have requests for additional functionality that you think the monitor may benefit from, you can either contact our support team or log a problem.


After 21 days


Evaluations run for 21 days, giving you time to see how the software works for you in your own environment. Did it do what you wanted ? If it did, then great! If it didn't, we'd welcome your feedback. Feedback is always useful and many of today's features are as result of customer comments and requests over the years. We may also be able to help you straight away!




If you like what you see and recognise the benefits, there are many ways to purchase Sentry-go. You can buy on-line, through your software reseller or using a Purchase Order.




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