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Sentry-go is a range of monitoring, alerting & notification solutions for the Microsoft server platform. Our monitors provide an extremely efficient and cost effective way of ensuring your systems do the job they're designed to do and provide the diagnostics you need if they don't.

Whether you're a small SME with a single server and a handful clients or operate entire data centres with many connected local or remote users, Sentry-go will prove invaluable in your goal of maintaining an efficient and error free operation. See how Sentry-go can help you!


The Sentry-go software range

Sentry-go Server or "Quick" Monitors - monitors that are ready to go!

Sentry-go Quick Monitors

Our popular server or "Quick" monitor range provides a quick & easy way to monitor your standard environments, giving you monitoring, response and alerting options all wrapped up in a single pre-configured package.

Developed and enhanced with experience over many years, Quick Monitors bring you all the standard monitoring components you're likely to need, installed locally on the servers being monitored for the ultimate in network efficiency.

These "out of the box" solutions cover environments such as SQL Server, IIS and print servers as well as targeted monitoring such as files, directories or Windows services.

Quick Monitors can be controlled & accessed locally or remotely using the Access utility

Quick Monitors are fully compatible with Sentry-go Plus! monitoring components meaning you can also add to their capabilities at any time in the future.

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Sentry-go single resource monitors - flexibility built-in!

Sentry-go Plus!

Built on the success of our Quick Monitors, Sentry-go Plus! provides total flexibility by allowing individual resource monitoring components to be combined. With it you can choose the monitoring you wish to perform, whilst retaining all the benefits found in a single, easy to use monitor.

What's more, Sentry-go Plus! can adapt and grow as your server's roles develop. Simply add or transfer options between servers as needed to ensure continued monitoring coverage. 

As with Quick Monitors, Sentry-go Plus! runs locally to minimise network overhead while unified client tools

on your desktop & web provide centralised management, reporting & alerting.

Sentry-go Plus! allows you to plug in the monitoring you need for a particular server. Components can be moved or added later as your server's role grows or changes

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Sentry-goSolutions.com - quickly see find how others have solved reported issues


When issues are detected, the first thing you need to understand is the nature of the problem, why it might be occurring and what can be done to resolve it. And more often than not, you want this information right now!

Most errors you encounter have occurred to others many times before and finding out what others did can help you resolve it. By using the error details captured by Sentry-go along with Sentry-goSolutions.com, answers to these issues can be found quickly on-line!

Custom solutions - let us design & develop your solution!

3Ds (UK) Limited
3Ds is a solution provider, with many years experience developing & implementing software & systems for our customers. Whether you're looking for a small bespoke utility, product customisation or an entire multi-tiered system with mobile support, we can help deliver the solution you need, either directly or by helping your existing team.
For monitoring solutions, by combining our expertise with our extensive code library from within Sentry-go itself, our engineers can tailor a solution or monitoring component specifically for you - at a cost much cheaper than you might expect!

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